FR Li-FeS2 - EVE Battery

Cylindrical lithium iron disulfide batteries have lithium for the anode, iron disulfide for the cathode, and a lithium salt in an organic solvent blend as the electrolyte. They deliver a voltage of 1.5 V and are designed for superior performance. They are compatible in any application using primary 1.5 volt battery types AA and AAA. Some of the advantages of those batteries are: work at low temperature extremes where other types will not, excellent performance even after 15 year storage at ambient conditions and longer service than other primary battery types.

Product Features

- Direct drop-in compatibility in applications using primary 1.5 volt “AA” and “AAA” battery sizes.

- Far greater power than other primary battery types.

- Provides longer service than other primary battery types in moderate to heavy drain applications.

- Greater service advantage over other primary battery types at low temperature extremes operating at -40°C.

- Higher operating voltage and flatter discharge curve than other primary battery types.

- Superior leakage resistance compared to other primary battery types.

- Outstanding service maintenance when stored at ambient conditions.

- Considerably lighter than other battery types.

- Good service maintenance after high temperature storage up to +60°C.

No added mercury, cadmium, or lead.


- Digital cameras

- Mobile mouse or keyboard


- Digital calipers

- calculators

- DV

- electronic clocks

- medical equipment

- electronic dictionaries

- measuring instrument

- sensors

- radio transceiver

- other electronic equipments